Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Sinzinger

Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Sinzinger

Medical Director of the Institute ATHOS is Univ. Prof. Dr. Helmut Sinzinger.

Prof. Dr. Sinzinger is a specialist physician and habili- tates for nuclear
medicine, for clinical pharmacology and atherosclerosis, and a specialist in
internal medicine. In addition to his medical activities at the Institute,
Prof. Dr. Sinzinger also became medical director of ISOTOPIX - Ambulatorium
for Nuclearmedicine in 1090 Vienna, Mariannengasse 30. Prof. Sinzinger
was the first (since 1985) to begin with Lp apheresis (blood lipol) in Austria.

One focus of his activity is further training, for colleagues working in practice
throughout Austria. At the international congresses, Prof. Dr. Sinzinger has been a
well-known and respected lecturer for decades. Prof. Sinzinger likes to spend very
little time with his cacti, whose specimens are of exotic origin.

Since cacti can also play a role in medicine, Prof. Dr. Sinzinger
for interested readers the site Kaktus & Co on the website of ISOTOPIX.

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